Welcome to the Wumpus Adventure Engine hosted on a Raspberry Pi and brought to you by WRWhizard Wares.
Since the games created using the Wumpus engine are not conducive to being run in an HTML environment,
I am forced to use this page to instruct you how you can access this marvelous game.
So, if you wish to try this, you are going to need to install a SSH enabled terminal.
SSH? That's just lazy computer lingo for SecureSHell. A shell is something you can type in to make a computer do stuff.
These are some programs I have tried and like quite well.

Termius      This little baby has apps for Windows, Ipad, Iphone and Android devices. My main go to on my tablets.
PuTTY       One of the most well known and respected terminal programs.
Solar PuTTY    If you already had PuTTY installed and used, this knows it. Seems to have some bells and whistles PuTTY lacks.
Cygwin      Probably the best but toughest program to install, a Linux like environment for Windows.

NOTE: If you are using another Raspberry Pi, or probably any Linux system, piece of cake, you are already, all ready.
All you need to do is go to your terminal and just SSH in.

So OK you have some type of SSH client installed and you run it.
Either feed this information to the client. (Termius for example)

Username: whumpus0
Host: wumpus.us
port: 22        (this may be optional or auto selected)
password: whumpus0

Or enter this at the command prompt of a terminal.

ssh whumpus0@wumpus.us
ssh whumpus0@wumpus.us -p22

when it prompts for a password it is whumpus0 just like the username.

Yea! This is a bit different from most games. Different can be good. If getting this running took a bit of effort, glad you did what it takes.
Good for you! You aren't lazy and lame, perhaps on your way to being a true hacker!

I can be reached at WRWhizard@gmail.com

Last Edit: 1/29/2021